Projects delivered

Since 2008


Numyx !

is the new name for PiTech France.

Because we’ve been evolving with our customers, and we propose more services than just mobile and web development!

Numyx, is then the Digital eXperience by definition!


Who are we ?


Numyx has been founded by both IT engineers and entrepreneurs. We then benefit with a double DNA:


  • our huge IT background allows us to understand the key points related to every projects, and take it into account.
  • as entrepreneurs, we speak the same language than our customers.



Why Eastern Europe ?


We chose to work with teams based in Eastern Europe, mainly in Budapest (Hungary) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania), for their huge digital culture and technical skills.

Indeed, it is important for us to propose the best service and support as possible, hence our choice to establish ourselves near from our clients. This is the best way for answering in time, with the good answer and the right commitment to our customers requests!

All our projects are led in english, but french, spanish, italian, hungarian, romanian and german are also talked at Numyx!

calendar_BWith you 2008


Due to our experience, and the number of projects delivered in the last few years, we are in position to offer our customers both optimal quality and skills.

We are used to work on Fixed Price Projects as well as Time and Material ones, as our teams are built for being able to address these queries.

tech_BOur IT  expertises

From the beginning, Numyx was specialized in developing Open Source solutions as, for us, Open Source is the best way for delivering stable, evolutive and powerful solutions to our customers